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Remember that time we cleaned out the fridge in Pasadena?

Posted by on September 28, 2010

I had turned off the electricity at my old place before I had to be completely moved out. I had done this, forgetting to empty it out and clean it. A few weeks later, I came to the horrible realization of what I had done. David went with me to do damage control.

It was gross. We decided to put the fridge out for the trash. Getting it out to the front yard was quite the challenge. We rolled it, end over end, for a while. Once that got old, David put it on the bottom half of an office chair and pulled it with rope to the front yard.

Before he had even unloaded it, a man drove up and asked, “Does it work?” David told him that yes it did work, but that it was probably too gross to use. He said, “Ok. But it works?” When David told him it worked, the man pulled his truck over and loaded the fridge into the bed and then drove away.


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