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Remember that time we rearranged the office?

Posted by on January 11, 2011

David mentioned several times that he was interested in rearranging his office. He wanted more room and for me to have a place to work or hang out while he was in there. I offered to help him and that started a 2 month long project. It started with several before pictures of the outrageous state of the office. Then we set about the surprisingly enormous task of emptying the office. The contents of the office filled the living room and then stayed there while we took a break from cleaning for about a month and 3 weeks.

Along the way, we found lots of things. To quote David: “Final count, 14 computers, 4 laptops. Well, 5 laptops. One of them was in pieces.”

Things got desperate when David’s parents were coming in to visit in January. In the week before they arrived, we decided to put the office into the bedroom and the bedroom into the office. We had a man come and haul off the 14 computers and we bought a few things to make the apartment more like a home. While David was at work, I spent some time putting finishing touches on the apartment. I hung up some framed photos and arranged some candles and vacuumed. It was beautiful. The office transition went well. David set up a desk for me and it’s disgustingly cute in here. The bedroom works just perfectly.

The apartment feels more and more like a home every day. I’m sure that has more to do with us than the apartment.

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