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One Year.

Posted by on May 18, 2011

To David:

A year ago, I made a move. I found your OkCupid profile and was intrigued. Your words made me smile and I was excited to talk to you. According to you, the real litmus test was “… if you can sit in the car and listen to me rap along to Scarface’s “No Tears” and not call me names. Then, and only then, do we have a chance.”

I sent you this message:

Since then, you have brought it. Fiercely.

On Tuesday, May 18, 2010, we had dinner at El Pueblito. You fed me Reese’s Pieces and we got kicked out of our Cabana and then lingered in the parking lot for far too long. Thursday, we had a picnic with Antone’s sandwiches and walked through the Japanese Gardens. Friday, we went to Miller Outdoor Theatre and saw Tosca. Saturday, we had a 30Rock marathon. Sunday, I sat in a coffee shop while you chatted with Bedmos in a remote session on my computer. After that, I stopped keeping track.

I hope you enjoy these first installments of our blog. I enjoyed writing them and remembering all of these wonderful and funny things about us. We have had so many adventures and I can’t wait to have so many more.

In 12 very quick months I have fallen completely in love with you. I am excited about this chapter in our lives together and that we will have so many more. You treat me unbelievably well. You make me laugh. You are so handsome. You are so smart. You hold me and I feel so warm and so loved and so safe. You are amazing. You are my travel partner. Happy Anniversary. I choose you.



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