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Myriadventure: Wurstfest

Posted by on November 5, 2010

If you heard of something called a “Ten Day Salute to Sausage,” what would you do?

The correct answer is to drive there so fast that you get a ticket from a state trooper.

We did that. In an effort to make it in time to see the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, David got a ticket in Gonzales, TX. The state trooper was uninterested in our plans to make it to Wurstfest in time to see the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra and eat sausage. He was more interested in the fact that David was driving well above the speed limit and did not have a license plate on the front of his car. “You’re in violation of the law,” was all he kept saying.

After our encounter with the law, we made it to the fairgrounds and realized that there was no need for the hurry since Jimmy Sturr was not on for another hour. We walked the grounds and saw a slice of life. There were lots of people in lederhosen with personal pitchers of beer. Every tent surrounding the food pavilion (yes, an entire pavilion just for food) housed different polka bands. There were oom-pah-pahs overlapping each other and lots of yelling and laughter. It was delightful to walk through the quaint booths and see the little old German ladies serving sausage-on-a-stick and potato pancakes.

We each got a sausage on a stick and sat down at a picnic table. When we were done, I got up, but got my foot stuck behind the table leg. I fell over on my side, and with my foot stuck, I couldn’t throw my leg out to catch myself. I fell pretty hard and sent our now-empty sausage sticks clattering across the ground. Ashley laughed so hard that she hurt herself. I can’t believe that she forgot to put this part in.

— David

We made the rounds and listened to polka bands and waltzed. We grabbed a sausage plate or two and sat in the big concert hall, waiting for the next big band. We made the rounds and listened to polka bands and waltzed. Everyone was walking around with giant stacks of Wurstfest cups and pitchers. We were looking for the booth handing out these

cups and then realized that these people had a cup for each beer they had bought and consumed. Similarly, they had also consumed multiple pitchers of beer.

I only wanted one beer, and so we only had one cup. David couldn’t be bothered to drink any beer, so we had to get creative if we wanted cups and pitchers of our own. We noticed that there were cups lying on the ground all over the place. We picked those up. Then we noticed that every trash can we walked by had both pitchers and cups in them. It didn’t take us long to resort to dumpster diving. We shamelessly grabbed stacks upon stacks of cups and carried them around for the rest of the evening. When things were dying down and we decided to leave, David went crazy and ransacked every garbage can.

We collected at least 40 cups and 4 pitchers. We use them on game nights and have let our friends write their names on them so they have their own cup when they come over.

It’s pretty cute.

The funniest thing at Wurstfest was a show called Harry Potter and the Order of the Opas. It was a melodrama parody. It was community theater. It was amazing. The cast was hilarious. The wands were sausages on sticks and the characters talked about various goings on at Wurstfest. Audience participation was encouraged. There was lots of laughing.

We stayed the night in Boerne and took our time on the way home. We explored Schulenberg and saw lots of interesting things. One of my favorites was an anti-abortion sculpture at the Knights of Colombus that we found during our trip back from Czhilispiel. After that we stopped at a park and played a game of Rummikub. Near the end of the game a GIANT spider let itself down onto the table inches from my face. We finished the game standing up and decided to go talk to the cows next to the park. It took a while to realize how close we were to the biggest spider I’ve ever seen. As we got into the car, I noticed that the spider from the table had made its way onto David’s hoodie. I refused to let him into the car until he got rid of it. He ripped off his jacket and ran away. The spider probably made it back into the car, but we never saw it again.

I can’t wait for the next Wurstfest!

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