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2 weeks after I met David, my mother told me that there would be a big family event at my grandparents’ lake house. My dad’s band would be playing and lots of family and friends would be there. I think I approached David with the words, “Please don’t feel like you have to do this, but I’d like to invite you to my grandparents’ lake house. My entire family will be there and it has the potential to be incredibly awkward.”

Before I continue, I have to explain one thing. I made the first move and sent David a message regarding the performance of a certain song. Well, he got his chance to perform on our drive out to the lake house. Scarface’s “No Tears” came on while we were in the car and he chose to give it his all. Even though there were two complete strangers in the car, he went for it. It was fantastic.

When I was thinking of things to do to celebrate the first year of our relationship, I decided to have this moment memorialized. I commissioned an artist to create a cartoon. Here it is:

This was the first of many of my favorite memories.

When we got there, I knew it was going to be a fun day. The weather was flawless and someone had brought a jet ski. We took the boat out and people took turns riding the giant inflatable banana. David fell off several times. When we made it back in, everyone took turns jumping off the rope swing. David was having fun and my grandma asks me, “How much do you think he weighs? I don’t want him breaking my rope swing.” I told her I had no clue. She then yelled at David, “Hey, how much do you weigh?!” David squinted at her and said, “A lady never tells.” She insisted that he tell her and he did. When she walked off, I gave David his glasses (he can’t see without them) and he asked me who he had just been talking to.

It was finally our turn to take the Jet Ski out and David proceeded to terrify my while he lurched forward and knocked us off a few times. After I fell off, David took the Jet Ski and sped off as fast as he could go. He abandoned me. So that he could see how fast he could go. He did not have his glasses on (he can’t see without them) and when he came back, he could have easily driven right over me.

We made it back to land and David took a nap in the personal hammock that he brought. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs and the band played. It seems that this was actually a great way to introduce David to the family, even though it happened so soon.


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Remember that time we spent a lot of time at a gay bar?

When David and I first met, my friend was singing in a competition called Pride Idol. Every Thursday night for about a month and a half, David and I would head to Meteor (a pretty gay bar) and listen to a group of gay men, a lesbian, and someone pretending to be a lesbian sing songs. Looking back on those nights, I realize that David was making quite the sacrifice by attending. He stood with me while grown men dressed up like Lady Gaga sang their hearts out for the title of Pride Idol. Much to David’s dismay, I’m sure, my friend made it to the top three in the competition. He ended up taking 2nd place. The girl pretending to be a lesbian won. It was bogus. The first picture of us ever on Facebook was taken at this competition. It makes me smile every time I see it.

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